✈️ airplane emoji

What does the ✈️ airplane emoji mean?

The airplane emoji is a graphical representation of an airplane, which is a powered aircraft with fixed wings and a weight greater than that of a glider. The airplane is typically depicted as a medium to large-sized plane, with two or more engines, a tail section, and a cockpit with windows. It may be shown in different angles and designs depending on the platform but generally it is recognizable as an airplane. The airplane emoji is often used to symbolize travel, transportation by air, and possibly adventure or vacation. It could also be used to represent the idea of reaching far away places, in a fast and efficient way, as well as global connectivity, international trade and business travel. It can also be used to represent the airline or the aviation industry, or even the human achievement in technology and engineering. Sometimes it could also be used as a metaphor for reaching an important goal or milestone quickly or having a sense of freedom and adventure.

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How airplane looks on other platforms

  • Twitter
    airplane Twitter emoji
  • Google
    airplane Google emoji
  • Apple
    airplane Apple emoji
  • Microsoft
    airplane Microsoft emoji
  • Facebook
    airplane Facebook emoji
  • Messenger
    airplane Messenger emoji
  • Whatsapp
    airplane Whatsapp emoji
  • Samsung
    airplane Samsung emoji
  • Lg
    airplane Lg emoji
  • Htc
    airplane Htc emoji
  • Mozilla
    airplane Mozilla emoji
  • Softbank
    airplane Softbank emoji
  • Docomo
    airplane Docomo emoji
  • Openmoji
    airplane Openmoji emoji

Information about the ✈️ airplane emoji

  • Full Name: ✈️ airplane
  • Category: travel-places
  • How to type shortcode:
  • Unicode (fully qualified): U+2708
  • Hex code point: 2708

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