🌬️ wind face emoji

What does the 🌬️ wind face emoji mean?

The wind face emoji typically depicts a face with closed eyes, closed mouth, and blowing cheeks. The blowing cheeks usually illustrated with lines coming out from the cheeks, indicating the wind blowing. The color of the face could be different, it is usually yellow, white or blue. This emoji is often used to represent wind, gusts, or breezes, or indicate something is blowing. It could also be used to express a sense of excitement, movement, or liveliness. Additionally, it could also be used in a metaphorical way to indicate change, transformation or progress. The blown-out cheeks give an impression of power and force, making it possible to use it in contexts such as when something is happening fast, or making a strong impact.

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Information about the 🌬️ wind face emoji

  • Full Name: 🌬️ wind face
  • Category: travel-places
  • How to type shortcode:
  • Unicode (fully qualified): U+1F32C
  • Hex code point: 1F32C

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