⌚ watch emoji

What does the ⌚ watch emoji mean?

The watch emoji is a graphical representation of a watch, a timekeeping device worn around the wrist or carried in a pocket. It is often depicted as a round face with a small dial displaying numbers and hands pointing to the time, the watch is usually shown with a watch band, which can be a metal or leather strap, or a bracelet-style band. The design and details of the watch may depend on the platform, but it is generally recognizable as a watch. This emoji is often used to symbolize time, punctuality, and timing. It can be used to indicate that someone should be on time, or that an event or appointment is scheduled to take place at a specific time. It could also be used to express the idea of being late or early, or to indicate that time is running out. Additionally, it could be used to indicate a specific time, or to express the idea of being aware of the time, or to indicate that time is important. Sometimes it could also be used in a playful or lighthearted way to indicate that time is running out for a fun activity or game.

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How watch looks on other platforms

  • Twitter
    watch Twitter emoji
  • Google
    watch Google emoji
  • Apple
    watch Apple emoji
  • Microsoft
    watch Microsoft emoji
  • Facebook
    watch Facebook emoji
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    watch Messenger emoji
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    watch Whatsapp emoji
  • Samsung
    watch Samsung emoji
  • Lg
    watch Lg emoji
  • Htc
    watch Htc emoji
  • Mozilla
    watch Mozilla emoji
  • Softbank
    watch Softbank emoji
  • Docomo
    watch Docomo emoji
  • Openmoji
    watch Openmoji emoji

Information about the ⌚ watch emoji

  • Full Name: ⌚ watch
  • Category: travel-places
  • How to type shortcode:
  • Unicode (fully qualified): U+231A
  • Hex code point: 231A

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