🛑 stop sign emoji

What does the 🛑 stop sign emoji mean?

The stop sign emoji is a graphic of a red octagonal sign with the word "STOP" written in white capital letters. The sign is typically mounted on a pole or attached to a wall, and is meant to instruct drivers to come to a complete stop at an intersection or other location where the sign is placed. The stop sign emoji is often used to express the idea of stopping or halting, and can also be used to represent the idea of caution or danger. The red color and octagonal shape of the sign are meant to convey the idea of a warning or prohibition, and the white letters are meant to make the message on the sign easy to read. The stop sign emoji is often used in conjunction with other traffic-related emojis, such as the traffic light emoji or the pedestrian emoji, to convey more complex ideas about traffic regulation or road safety.

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Information about the 🛑 stop sign emoji

  • Full Name: 🛑 stop sign
  • Category: travel-places
  • How to type shortcode:
  • Unicode (fully qualified): U+1F6D1
  • Hex code point: 1F6D1

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