How to add emojis to Discord channels

How to add emojis to Discord channels

If you are a regular user of Discord, you have no doubt seen some Discord servers that use emojis in channel names. In this short guide, we will go over how to find and add emojis to channel names on Discord.

Finding emojis to use in channel names on Discord

Discord channel names only support default emojis include with unicode, this means you can't use custom emoji images in channel names yet but we hope some time in the future Discord will support this. To find emojis to use in your channel names, head over to our Emoji Keyboard and search for a default emoji to use and click on it to copy it to your keyboard. In the following example I will be using the ? apple emoji.

Adding emojis to channel names

To add an emoji to a channel name, hover over the gear icon next to a channel and click edit channel. There you will see an overview of the channels settings including the name. Paste the emoji you want to use next to the text in the "channel name" field then hit the save changes button at the bottom of the page and voila' your Discord channel should now have an emoji! Community

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